Why Nersa’s electricity price hike for solar users is doomed from the start

A new electricity pricing methodology, proposed by the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) on 30 September 2021 has led to a significant backlash from the public as well as various energy industry stakeholders – and for good reason. The concern stems...

With Partnerships, Sustainable Energy becomes Possible

“There are opportunities, natural resources, funding and we’ve got the capability to do it – that is something that excites me!” states Kurt Miller Chief Investment Officer. With partnerships, sustainable energy becomes possible, and this video, produced by Regency Global for Sanlam Investments, proves it. Thanks to Lee Oosthuizen for providing valuable input, and we are proud of our partnership with Dr. Oetker.

Going Green with a Multi-pronged Approach

Reducing carbon footprint, cutting down on energy spend and building sustainable businesses have become priority goals for businesses across the globe, but arguably nowhere more so than in South Africa. Rising energy costs, loadshedding and the pressure to be...

Solar-Assisted Refrigeration can Significantly Cut Costs

South African retailers looking for ways to recover from the latest lockdown, as well as recent countrywide looting and vandalism, may welcome the opportunity to cut costs on the system that makes up the bulk of their energy spend – refrigeration

Battery Storage is the Next Frontier

Sustainable energy has seen exponential growth in South Africa, primarily led by the rise of solar energy and power purchase agreements (PPAs), with the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry currently accounting for around 6% of the country’s total energy generation.

Sustainable Energy Accelerates Evolution

2020 saw a number of significant developments in the local energy space and, while this sector generally tends to shift relatively slowly, 2021 is likely to bring with it some of the most progressive changes in South Africa’s energy arena.

Breede River Valley: A Hotspot for Solar Power

The Breede River Valley, located in the Western Cape, is widely recognised not only as a top tourist destination, but also for being the largest of the Western Cape’s fruit and wine producing valleys.

Solar Power Make Businesses More Resilient

Eskom has recently stated that it will avoid load shedding until at least July of this year. However, there is still fear that regular power cuts will once again be a reality for businesses in the near future. With many industries having been subjected to significant financial strain by the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown, organisations are considerably more vulnerable to the devastating impact that something like load shedding would have on their balance sheets.

Eskom’s Proposed Pricing Plan Can’t Stop Solar Power

Eskom’s recent announcement of a new suggested pricing structure is widely perceived as a reactive measure by Eskom to compensate for its own inefficiencies, as well as support the generation of unsustainable expensive coal-driven power, while the cost of renewable power keeps coming down.

Increasing Opportunities for Power Purchase Agreements

Solar power generation continues to gain traction in South Africa, and an increasing number of businesses in the country are showing interest in acquiring solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for private power generation. Over the past year, it has also become evident that power purchase agreements (PPA) offer some of the best models for utilising solar generation for private use.