Energy costs getting out of hand? Pay less with waste heat recovery

Businesses that rely heavily on refrigeration for their day-to-day operations are painfully aware that even the slightest inefficiencies can make a significant impact on their electricity costs, which is why ensuring these systems always perform at an optimal level...

With Partnerships, Sustainable Energy becomes Possible

“There are opportunities, natural resources, funding and we’ve got the capability to do it – that is something that excites me!” states Kurt Miller Chief Investment Officer. With partnerships, sustainable energy becomes possible, and this video, produced by Regency Global for Sanlam Investments, proves it. Thanks to Lee Oosthuizen for providing valuable input, and we are proud of our partnership with Dr. Oetker.

Going Green with a Multi-pronged Approach

Reducing carbon footprint, cutting down on energy spend and building sustainable businesses have become priority goals for businesses across the globe, but arguably nowhere more so than in South Africa. Rising energy costs, loadshedding and the pressure to be...

Combining Steam and Refrigeration Plant Utilities for an Optimal Outcome

The implementation of the new 100MW licensing threshold for private generation could make it much easier for businesses reliant on steam – such as in the manufacturing sector (textiles, breweries and so on) – to use their existing infrastructure for power generation. By increasing the pressure of the steam used in one’s operation, a turbine designed to generate additional electricity for the business can then be added to the existing system.

Solar-Assisted Refrigeration can Significantly Cut Costs

South African retailers looking for ways to recover from the latest lockdown, as well as recent countrywide looting and vandalism, may welcome the opportunity to cut costs on the system that makes up the bulk of their energy spend – refrigeration

Reducing Energy Usage through Innovative Design

Global Macadamia, international food producer, has built one of the largest macadamia curing and processing facilities in the world, located in the Alkmaar region of Mpumalanga.

Local Food Industry Stays Ahead with Innovative Approach to Cooling

As pressure continues to mount for local food producers, businesses operating in the sector need to think differently and implement innovative strategies in order to improve efficiencies, boost profits and survive the current economic headwinds. This is according to...

Outsourced Energy Solutions Crucial to Helping Food Manufacturers

The food manufacturing sector continues to fight valiantly in the face of mounting economic pressure compounded by the ongoing uncertainty and immense cost implications that increased COVID-19 infection rates might have on productivity. Now is the time for these businesses to radically rethink one of their biggest operational costs – energy consumption.

Cooling As a Service Reduces Risk

With companies around South Africa already sustaining significant financial setbacks as a result of the current five-week COVID-19 lockdown, returning to full operation and addressing profit margins are going to be top-of-mind for business owners for some time. For companies with processes that rely on refrigeration, switching to outsourced refrigeration or cooling as a service (CaaS) can be a meaningful step towards recovery of the business.

Local Company Pioneers the Future of Cooling

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic began driving businesses towards becoming more efficient, many global companies with complex refrigeration requirements identified the huge long term cost-cutting and environmental benefits that cooling as a service (CaaS) could offer.